Required Auto Insurance in Michigan

Like other states, Michigan has laws about the type of auto insurance that drivers must carry. And, you must carry proof that you have this insurance. If you need auto insurance or want to increase your coverage, call us at CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI to talk with an agent about the coverage you need.

Coverage for Injuries

Michigan has a “no-fault” law that leaves each person responsible for paying for their injury claims no matter who caused the accident. This also means that drivers lose some of their rights to file suit for damages. This makes it especially important to have your own coverage in place. The state mandates that you have a specific amount of bodily injury coverage for one person injured in an accident. It has another amount required to cover two or more people who have been injured in an accident. However, both of these amounts are relatively low, and many people choose higher coverage amounts to meet today’s high medical bills. There is also required personal injury coverage with an unlimited payout, and you choose between a few deductible amounts.

Other Required Insurance Coverage

There is also a set amount required for property damage liability. This set amount pays for damage done to another vehicle, but not to your own. There is also coverage for bodily injury for an uninsured motorist. Technically, this coverage is not mandatory, but your insurance agent is required to offer it to you, and if you don’t want it, you must reject it in writing. It is, however, smart coverage to have.

Get Your Vehicle Covered

If you don’t have auto insurance or don’t have enough coverage, don’t wait even a day. Call us at CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI to make your appointment with an agent.