Should I Tell My Home Insurance Provider About My Above-Ground Swimming Pool?

As nice as an in-ground pool can be for your Michigan home, they start at around $50,000, almost enough to buy a whole new house in some areas. Meanwhile, an above-ground pool will run you maybe two hundred bucks, and it’ll cost a lot less to fill with water. With proper maintenance, they can last ten to twenty years. When you’re kicking back on a float with a drink in your hand, do you really care if it’s concrete or Intex plastic holding the water? The only question is whether to tell your insurance provider.

You may be thinking: Why bother? The pool was cheap to buy, and it’ll be cheap to replace. But it’s not just your pool you need to think about. It’s your home and the added liability of having a pool.

With proper set-up and maintenance, it’s unlikely that your pool will suddenly collapse, but it happens. And when it does, anyone swimming in it at the time is likely to suffer some injuries. Even if nobody’s in your pool when it collapses, it could create a mini-flood that tears through A/C units and even your home’s foundation. It can create water damages that you do not want to cover out of pocket.

If you don’t let them know, you won’t be covered for any damages relating to your pool. So it’s usually a good idea to let your insurer know that you have an above-ground pool.

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