Risks of Not Having Auto Insurance

The primary purpose of auto insurance is to protect drivers. However, many drivers decide to take a huge risk and drive without car insurance. People decide not to purchase auto insurance for many reasons, but the main is money. If you are one of them and you do not want to buy car insurance, CG Insurance Agency prepared a list of certain risks you should be aware of:

Risk of Being Arrested or Ticketed

If you live in Williamston, MI, or any other town in Michigan, you should know that driving without car insurance is illegal. It is a misdemeanor offense and can result in a fine or even arrest. 

Risk of Being Financially Responsible For All the Repairs in Case of an Accident

If you are involved in a car accident without auto insurance and are at fault for causing it, you will have to pay for all the repairs yourself. It might be a lot of money, depending on the amount of damage. Moreover, there is a risk that other drivers and passengers will sue you for physical injuries.

Risking Lives of Other People

If you decide to drive without insurance, you should understand that you are putting yourself at risk and other people, as well. If many people need medical help in case of an accident, you will have to pay for it. 

Therefore, if you are still thinking about whether to buy auto insurance or not, you should definitely get it. If you live in Williamston, MI, or any other surrounding towns and you are looking for a trustworthy insurance agency, CG Insurance Agency is here for you. Our team of professional and experienced insurance agents is ready to answer all the questions you may have and help you find a perfect policy based on your budget and personal preferences. All you need to do is to give us a call or visit our website.