Home Insurance FAQs In Michigan

CG Insurance Agency LLC provides quality home insurance to homeowners in the entire state of Michigan. If you are unsure about your insurance needs or are ready to purchase a policy, you likely have a few questions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about homeowners or any other type of insurance. We serve the community of Williamston, MI, and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insurance In Michigan:

  • Is homeowner’s insurance a legal requirement in Michigan? No, the state of Michigan has no legal home insurance requirements, but not having coverage can significantly risk your asset. Also, if you are still paying on your home, your lender likely has a requirement of a specific amount of coverage.
  • What is required to purchase homeowner’s insurance? Identifying documents such as social security number or driver’s license and home address. If you have any questions about purchasing home insurance or our insurance services in general, we will be happy to answer them to make the process as easy as possible.
  • What does homeowner’s insurance cover? It is hard to define the exact scenarios that insurance will cover, but your limits and payments will be balanced. It is important to know that flood insurance is typically not covered under a homeowner’s insurance policy but is a worthwhile add-on. The exact location of your home may have some bearing on your needed coverage.

Contact us at CG Insurance Agency LLC to learn more about homeowner’s insurance today. The community of Williamston, MI has many beautiful properties that should be protected with insurance in any scenario. We are happy to provide insurance services to the community and surrounding areas.

Is basic auto insurance enough?

Auto insurance is required in some form or other by most states, and Michigan is no exception. Basic insurance is the minimum amount you are allowed to carry by the laws of the state. This type of insurance is right for some people but not for everyone. That is why it is important to have an insurance agent who knows you and knows what type of insurance makes sense for you. At CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI, we are an independent agency that makes it our business to get to know our customers and provide them the highest possible service.

If you registered a vehicle in the state, it needs to have Michigan no-fault insurance. Out of state insurance is not acceptable. In Michigan, you are required to carry PIP (Personal Injury Protection), PPI (Property Protection Insurance), BI (Bodily Injury), and PD (Property Damage). If this all sounds confusing, you are not alone.

PIP will pay for your medical bills and lost time at work if you are in a serious car accident, no matter who is at fault. PPI is coverage for property you might damage, such as a building or a parked car. BI pays for serious injuries to someone else, and the law says you must carry $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. PD is damage you cause to another vehicle in an accident, and that amount is $10,000.

These dollar amounts are the minimum to keep you in compliance with the law. They may not be the right amounts for you in your financial situation. This is something to discuss with your insurance agent.

When you need to talk to an insurance agent about your auto insurance or any other insurance needs you may have, CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI will be here for you. Give our office a call or stop by to get a no-obligation quote.

Is Umbrella Insurance Right for You?

If you already have multiple insurance policies in place, you may think that umbrella insurance is overkill.

Even if you have a car insurance policy in place, 13% of lawsuits are for $1 million or more, and this is not something that standard policies can match. If you drive often, have a lot of assets, or chauffeur people around for ride-sharing, then you are putting yourself at a greater risk of getting into an accident that a typical policy can’t cover. The same goes for your home insurance. If you have pets, especially restricted breeds, or a pool or trampoline, or if you frequently entertain in your home, you could be at risk for a costly lawsuit that your home insurance can’t fully cover.

Those with many assets should consider umbrella insurance in Michigan. The higher your net worth then, the more you can lose in a lawsuit. If you do have a severe accident and significant financial assets, then others have a bigger incentive to sue you for damages. If your liability coverage on your policies is exhausted, then that means other assets can be targeted. Umbrella coverage is usually a good idea to consider if you have over $100,000 in assets. Even if you don’t have this much in assets right now, you need to think about the future since courts can and will consider. For example, if you are a new doctor, then you may not have a high net worth currently, but a liability claim could target any earnings that you are going to get later on. If you anticipate more assets and higher wages, then you should consider an umbrella policy. You want to get enough coverage to cover assets. An agent at CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI can help determine how much umbrella coverage you should have based on your assets.

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Home Insurance Tips when Renovating Your Home

Renovating your home in Williamston, MI can be exciting, but there are things you need to do to make sure your insurance is up to date. 

The first thing you should do is notify your agent at CG Insurance Agency LLC. Since your home insurance covers the cost to rebuild your home, and your home renovations can increase that cost, you need to up your coverage. It would help if you let your agent know before you start renovations to make sure you are covered during the process as well. 

If your home is going to be vacant during renovations, then you also want to make sure you have coverage since standard policies will exclude losses for a home that is vacant for more than 60 days. You may want to customize your vacant home policy to protect you from other problems, such as liability or coverage for maintenance equipment.  

Renovations may also give you a discount. You may want to safeguard your home against fires by installing a home sprinkler system, fire alarms, and smoke detectors in every room. You can upgrade your roof to minimize damage from high winds, flying debris, and hail. You can protect your home from theft by using deadbolts and installing a burglar alarm. If you live in a storm area, then install storm shutters and use impact-resistant glass on your exterior windows. Some renovations can also increase your home insurance premiums, such as adding a pool or expanding your space. With a pool, you want to add extra liability insurance, and with expanding your space, you need to know how the new space alters the value of your home. 

Don’t forget to check to make sure your contractor has his or her own liability and workers’ compensation insurance for added protection. 

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