Why Does Auto Insurance Not Cover These Things?

Are you confused why insurance companies like us at CG Insurance Agency don’t cover certain problems for your Williamston, MI vehicle? Please read on to learn more about why you have some policy limitations and (if applicable) ways that you may work around them.

Performance Cars 

High-quality performance or exotic cars are not covered by a standard car insurance policy. Instead, they must be protected with specialized insurance plans designed specifically for them. Make sure you talk to your insurance provider to learn more about this facet and what to expect from it. 

Wear and Tear Damage 

Your insurance provider does not cover wear and tear problems because they are considered a natural part of your car’s use. And if your negligence causes any troubles with your vehicle, they are likely to not cover these repair costs, so make this fact in mind before finding a policy. 

Other People Driving Your Car 

Insurance companies set up your policy with the assumption that you’ll be driving it. They set their prices and their coverage to suit specific people. So, if someone else is driving your car and damages it, your policy does not cover the problem because it does not apply to them. 

Ridesharing Situations 

Providers often refuse to cover ridesharing because it is another scenario in which you are sharing your vehicle with others. You may need to get specialized commercial auto insurance for this type of protection, though you may have limited choices in some situations. 

Get Your Car Protected 

Working with us at CG Insurance Agency will help to keep your Williamston, MI automobile protected and secure. By getting high-quality coverage, you can ensure that you don’t end up experiencing real problems and can avoid the long-term complications that you may otherwise experience. 

Tips for Parents Teaching Their Teens How to Drive

The time has come, and your teen is starting to learn how to drive. The time you teach your teen how to drive can be a bonding experience. Being prepared to teach your teen how to drive in Williamston, MI is key to avoiding any potential dangers while on the road. 

It is essential to keep your teen safe while teaching good driving abilities. Keeping your teen safe while driving is why you need to give us a call at CG Insurance Agency to learn more about insuring your teen as they learn how to drive. Until then, here are some tips to help you teach your teen how to drive: 

Determine If They Are Ready to Drive

Before you head out and go driving with your teen, determine if they are ready to learn how to drive. You know your child more than anyone else and would be able to determine if your teen is mature enough to understand how to drive. 

Check Insurance

Call your insurance company to learn more about coverage for your teen as they learn how to drive. You may have to add your teen to your policy when they have their learner’s permit or once they receive their driver’s license. 

Explore the Vehicle

Take a moment in the driveway with your teen sitting in the driver’s seat. Discuss the different instruments and how to use them. Additionally, teach your teen how to adjust seats, mirrors, and other features in the car. Also, take time to discuss what the different lights mean, such as check engine light and low tire pressure. 

Once you and your teen are ready to go out on the road in Williamston, MI remember to be patient and take deep breaths. Closely watch your teen and explain why they should be doing certain things while behind the wheel. Don’t forget to give us a call at CG Insurance Agency to learn more about insurance coverage when your teen starts to drive. 

The ABC’s of Auto Insurance

The questions around auto insurance center not so much on whether to have it—it’s mandated by state law, required by your lender, and serves to protect your assets—but what kind of coverage you should purchase.

Types of Coverage

There are several forms of coverage that a car owner may purchase, some of which are required, others of which may be optional.

The coverage requirements in all states include:

  • Bodily injury liability (pays for the cost of injuries you cause to another individual), and
  • Property damage liability (pays for the damage you cause to another’s car or to objects or structures you hit).

Some, but not all, states will require that you have coverage for:

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists (covers the costs associated with being hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, or in the case of a hit-and-run accident), and
  • Medical payments or personal injury protection (PIP) (pays for medical treatment for you and your passengers). PIP coverage is available in “no-fault” states and may also cover lost wages and funeral costs.

If you borrowed to purchase your car, the lender may require collision and comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage reimburses you for damage to your car resulting from a collision with another car, object, or structure; a pothole; or from flipping over.

Comprehensive coverage is designed to pay for car damage not arising from a collision, e.g., theft, hail, windstorm, flood, fire, and hitting animals. This coverage may also pay for windshield repairs.

If you own your car outright, you may want to consider purchasing collision and comprehensive coverage if your car has a significant market value. You may find that the potential economic loss is sufficient to warrant the cost of collision and comprehensive protection.

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Risks of Not Having Auto Insurance

The primary purpose of auto insurance is to protect drivers. However, many drivers decide to take a huge risk and drive without car insurance. People decide not to purchase auto insurance for many reasons, but the main is money. If you are one of them and you do not want to buy car insurance, CG Insurance Agency prepared a list of certain risks you should be aware of:

Risk of Being Arrested or Ticketed

If you live in Williamston, MI, or any other town in Michigan, you should know that driving without car insurance is illegal. It is a misdemeanor offense and can result in a fine or even arrest. 

Risk of Being Financially Responsible For All the Repairs in Case of an Accident

If you are involved in a car accident without auto insurance and are at fault for causing it, you will have to pay for all the repairs yourself. It might be a lot of money, depending on the amount of damage. Moreover, there is a risk that other drivers and passengers will sue you for physical injuries.

Risking Lives of Other People

If you decide to drive without insurance, you should understand that you are putting yourself at risk and other people, as well. If many people need medical help in case of an accident, you will have to pay for it. 

Therefore, if you are still thinking about whether to buy auto insurance or not, you should definitely get it. If you live in Williamston, MI, or any other surrounding towns and you are looking for a trustworthy insurance agency, CG Insurance Agency is here for you. Our team of professional and experienced insurance agents is ready to answer all the questions you may have and help you find a perfect policy based on your budget and personal preferences. All you need to do is to give us a call or visit our website. 

Required Auto Insurance in Michigan

Like other states, Michigan has laws about the type of auto insurance that drivers must carry. And, you must carry proof that you have this insurance. If you need auto insurance or want to increase your coverage, call us at CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI to talk with an agent about the coverage you need.

Coverage for Injuries

Michigan has a “no-fault” law that leaves each person responsible for paying for their injury claims no matter who caused the accident. This also means that drivers lose some of their rights to file suit for damages. This makes it especially important to have your own coverage in place. The state mandates that you have a specific amount of bodily injury coverage for one person injured in an accident. It has another amount required to cover two or more people who have been injured in an accident. However, both of these amounts are relatively low, and many people choose higher coverage amounts to meet today’s high medical bills. There is also required personal injury coverage with an unlimited payout, and you choose between a few deductible amounts.

Other Required Insurance Coverage

There is also a set amount required for property damage liability. This set amount pays for damage done to another vehicle, but not to your own. There is also coverage for bodily injury for an uninsured motorist. Technically, this coverage is not mandatory, but your insurance agent is required to offer it to you, and if you don’t want it, you must reject it in writing. It is, however, smart coverage to have.

Get Your Vehicle Covered

If you don’t have auto insurance or don’t have enough coverage, don’t wait even a day. Call us at CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI to make your appointment with an agent.

Is basic auto insurance enough?

Auto insurance is required in some form or other by most states, and Michigan is no exception. Basic insurance is the minimum amount you are allowed to carry by the laws of the state. This type of insurance is right for some people but not for everyone. That is why it is important to have an insurance agent who knows you and knows what type of insurance makes sense for you. At CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI, we are an independent agency that makes it our business to get to know our customers and provide them the highest possible service.

If you registered a vehicle in the state, it needs to have Michigan no-fault insurance. Out of state insurance is not acceptable. In Michigan, you are required to carry PIP (Personal Injury Protection), PPI (Property Protection Insurance), BI (Bodily Injury), and PD (Property Damage). If this all sounds confusing, you are not alone.

PIP will pay for your medical bills and lost time at work if you are in a serious car accident, no matter who is at fault. PPI is coverage for property you might damage, such as a building or a parked car. BI pays for serious injuries to someone else, and the law says you must carry $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident. PD is damage you cause to another vehicle in an accident, and that amount is $10,000.

These dollar amounts are the minimum to keep you in compliance with the law. They may not be the right amounts for you in your financial situation. This is something to discuss with your insurance agent.

When you need to talk to an insurance agent about your auto insurance or any other insurance needs you may have, CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI will be here for you. Give our office a call or stop by to get a no-obligation quote.