What Is Umbrella Insurance?

When you need liability insurance, it’s common to get too little. With home and auto insurance policies, not much liability is included. Umbrella insurance offers a way to get more of that much-needed coverage. If you’re interested in umbrella coverage, call us at CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI.

Your Home Insurance

If you own a home and have home insurance coverage in place, this includes several different coverage types. One of these is the liability insurance you carry in case of an accident or other incident in your home. Standard home insurance comes with very little of this coverage. However, you can get an umbrella policy to increase the amount of liability coverage you have on your house. After the home insurance policy has topped out for an incident, the umbrella coverage begins and pays the overage up to its maximum amount.

Your Auto Insurance

Like your home insurance, this policy comes with limited liability coverage that may not be enough for a serious accident. An umbrella insurance policy also extends extra liability coverage to this type of insurance. It works in the same way, kicking in once the auto policy’s liability coverage has maxed out.

Boosting Both Policies

Umbrella insurance is a great way to add to your liability coverage from both of these policy types. And, it offers a cost-effective way to get that coverage. It costs less to get this policy than it does to raise your liability coverage on both of your other policies.

Talk to an Agent

If you want umbrella insurance to cover you for more liability, contact us at CG Insurance Agency LLC in Williamston, MI.