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Condo Insurance in Michigan

When buying a condo for your primary residence or vacation home in Michigan, you need to make sure that you purchase insurance. And in Williamston, MI, you have many different options from which to choose. So please contact us at CG Insurance Agency to learn more about your options. We can provide you with the coverage that your home needs to be safe.

Factors That Affect Insurance

Although each state has different elements that they use to define condo insurance, they are often quite similar. On this note, Michigan has many factors that you must fully understand when buying this type of insurance. For example, you need to understand the condo association insurance options and what it covers. In this state, the association will have commercial insurance to protect its facilities.

However, these policies do not protect every element of your condo. Typically, they cover shared buildings and common areas – and only the exterior. So if a fire damages the shingles or siding on your condo, your association insurance will pay for it. But if a fire rages through your condo and damages your belongings, you will have to pay for this insurance coverage.

The Three Insurance Options Available

In Williamston, MI, we typically offer three different types of condo insurance policies. The first is the bare walls policy type. These cover all real property in your condo, including the exterior framing inward. However, they don't include your fixtures or anything else in the condo that you own – you need an all-in policy to cover these items. And the third option combines the two for a simpler and easier to understand option.

So if you're looking to rent or own a condo in this state and want the best coverage possible, please contact us at CG Insurance Agency right away to learn more. Our experts will walk you through the selection process and find the policy that works for your unique condo needs.